Eminem x Killshot

Eminem finally pulled the trigger on the “KILLSHOT” heard around the world. Yesterday, the Detroit legend fired back at Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil”. The bars in this one are pretty crazy. I would comment more, but I want to hear more from you on this one. WE FINALLY GOT A REAL BATTLE YA’LL!

Mac Miller dead at 26

As a hiphop head, it’s always sad to lose someone who donated their time and passion to craft of lyricism. On September 7, 2018; Mac Miller was pronounced dead inside of his home.

As a hiphop head, it’s always sad to lose someone who donated their time and passion to craft of lyricism. On September 7, 2018; Mac Miller was pronounced dead inside of his home. There are reports stating Malcolm “Mac Miller” died of a drug overdose; there are other sources saying the house was swept clean of all drugs and paraphernalia,  but that remains undetermined at this time. My condolences go out to the Miller family; they used the following statement regarding the tragedy.

“Malcolm McCormick, known and adored by fans as Mac Miller, has tragically passed away at the age of 26. He was a bright light in this world for his family, friends and fans. Thank you for your prayers. Please respect our privacy. There are no further details as to the cause of his death at this time.”

In memory of the Macadelic one; enjoy his last performance of “Hurt Feelings”.


Brizz Rawsteen – RAWTHENTIC x Album Review

C9oGD35XYAAscpFWhen you think of hip hop in North Carolina; a couple names come to mind. 9th Wonder, J. cole, Rapsody, Petey Pablo. Now there’s one more name you can add to the list of the Tar Heel state’s hip hop heavyhitters. Wilmington, Delaware born – Raleigh, North Carolina raised, Brizz Rawsteen, is known for his lyrical ability, unorthodox and aggressive style, and wordplay in battle rap. Brizz is back letting the world know he’s not just nice on stages slaying emcees, but also on tracks too. If you aren’t familiar with his previous project, RAWTAPE, then I assure RAWTHENTIC is a perfect piece of work that can get you familiar and make you join the infamous DARKSIDE.

Black Commission has a mafioso/old school vibe with a lot street knowledge. The song starts off as if he’s having a conversation with a DARKSIDE Soldier or henchmen, not at all. After several listens I realize Brizz in Capo mode talking to you, discussing operations and how business and street etiquette should be conducted. Pretty dope song overall.

Brizz chose to slow things down on For Dat Paper and give you an interesting perspective on how people change when money is involved. Jealousy breeds envy and greed in the hearts of corrupted people. It’s just a sad fact that everyone around you isn’t going to be happy with your success. This track is so vivid with details on actual emotions that it makes it hard to describe. Rawsteen captures those salty emotions of haters so well on this melodic track making it easy to listen and vibe to.

God Status is my favorite song on this whole project. Brizz lost it on this song. Concept. Bars. Metaphors. Perspective. All these factors made this song easy to gravitate to. Frizz proves his pen is just different and mentally can turn something abstract into an audio Picasso. The way Rawsteen incorporates biblical references to his subject matter is glorious. It may take several listens to catch everything. Very unique and interesting song  that I recommend to someone who enjoys bars.

Brizz reaches out to fellow North Carolina emcee, Rain 910, for Godflows. The two lyricist  do a great job going bar for bar on this song. If these two collaborate again, I’d be happy to see it. The rock ‘n’ roll beat is something emcees should lightly tread on nowadays, but this song is good. Shorter than what I expected, I was just getting into the joint.

For this to be a freshmen, independent venture for Brizz Rawsteen; I’m quite impressed. The rise and fall of the whole album kept me engaged and actively listening. The lead single, Better That Way, concludes the album and it’s easy to see the force is strong in the DARKSIDE head honcho. The bars on this song will easily command your attention as Brizz gives rides the beat like 10-speed Schwinn.

Go get that RAWTHENTIC by BRIZZ RAWSTEEN off iTunes, Google, Amazon, and Spotify. Make sure you check his classic battles on Youtube, just search the name and click one. The man won’t let you down, Shoutout to DARKSIDE, Cave Gang, Dot Mobb. Brizz Rawsteen got next, mark my word. And make sure you stay in tune with FTCHIPHOPNEWS, we trying to reach God Status.

Da Homie Shinobi, FTCHHN

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Treazon x IDGAF

Cleveland’s own, Treazon is on the verge of going on tour dropping his long awaited album Troublesome. Before heading out on tour with Sylvan LaCue; he dropped his latest single IDGAF that you can hear in a city near you real soon. The tour schedule is here too. If you are in the area, you won’t want to miss this show.

Press play and enjoy this dope track.

Grafh x Infared(Freestyle)

Queens’ mixtape messiah is back. Grafh just jumped on Pusha T’s “Infared” beat and laced the track with nothing but bars. The TEAM BANG DOPE GANG general delivered like only he could. Check the link and hear it for yourself.

I said it once, I’ll say it again…and again.

If Grafh jumps on YOUR beat; that’s not your beat no more.

Will Tesla drops Childhood Fantasy

Following his debut Ghost in the MPC Vol.1, Will Tesla is back with another project with a strong, conceptual project called Childhood Fantasy.

Brooklyn’s own, Will Tesla plays on listeners heart strings’ by  rhyming over samples every 80’s and 90’s baby are familiar with.  Open Letter contains a magnificent sample from Super Mario World that’s definitely worth checking out. Ride is a beautifully composed song and Tesla rides the Marvel vs Capcom 2 sample flawlessly. No pun intended.

Tesla opens Childhood Fantasy with Redemption. The way this Attack On Titan sample is flipped is bananas and Will does a great job complimenting the track’s energy with his flow and lyrical ability. “Flow been dumb/ In my old bag; now you in one/ I give it to ’em and then some/ Seen friends change like Shang Tsung/” Tesla rhymes with conviction and passion.

Childhood Fantasy showcases Will Tesla’s growth as lyricist and dedication to his craft. In the short time Childhood Fantasy has been released, it’s been streamed over 4000 times on digital music platforms. These ten songs are sure to make a fan out of anyone unfamiliar with the Brooklyn wordsmith.

Check out Will Tesla’s tracklist:

1. Redemption
2. Ride
3. Open Letter
4. Triggered
5. Remain
6. Lyrics Hidden in the Beat
7. Find A Way
8. Once Upon A Time
9. Childhood Fantasy
10. Sanctuary (feat. Treazon)

Click this “Childhood Fantasy” link, press play and enjoy.

21 Savage, Offset, Ric Flair x RIC FLAIR DRIP


Last year, 21 Savage, Metro Boomin, and Offset drove the world the crazy with the banger “Ric Flair Drip” off their collaborative album Without Warning. The trio is back in a epic visual to Offset’s solo track off the album featuring the styling’, profiling’, limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, kiss-stealin’, wheelin’ and dealin’ son of a gun, Ric Flair. Metro Boomin laced Offset with a beat that can possibly top ten in his whole catalog. Boomin through the alley-oop and Offset did a 360 windmill dunk with it on this track. Offset’s flow is truly incredible and displayed clearly in the second verse. The Migos member’s verse double-timing is unworldly and hypnotic. The West Coast bounce of this track and the way Offset rides this track makes it perfect to slap in your car at max volume. This song will definitely be played in every club around the country through the summer.

If you haven’t got Without Warning, go get it now.

Colosseum Battle League Presents LV vs John John Flamez

Colosseum battle league blesses us with their latest battle between two of the their most hungry emcees from their latest event, The Movie 4. Queens’ LV and Harlem’s John John Flamez go for bar for bar in this battle that is chopped full of lyricism, wordplay, aggression and disrespect. LV and John John Flamez definitely put on for the culture in this one. John John Flamez pulls no punches in this clash of words, but is it enough to overpower LV’s lyrical ability and aggression. Check out these two up and comers verbally brawl on Colosseum Battle League. For more battles from Colosseum Battle League, click here.

Leave a comment and let us know who you have winning.

Mysonne x When You Win

In these days where people are so quick to hand you a loss(L) you got to realize one thing Mysonne tells you on this track. “They aint gonna love till you win”. The Bronx bomber shook up the world when he released I’m Not A Racist Remix and his Family Feud freestyle. Mys is back this time to let you know that your haters don’t respect your grind, and won’t love you till reach success. This song is one everyone can relate to when you pursue your dreams. Mysonne and The Usual Suspects give you this anthem to fuel your ambition and give you drive to cross that finish line at whatever you pursue. Go get check out this song and let us know what you think. Hopefully this leads to a new album in the near future.

T-Top x Gymnastics


The bear is back on the track showing the world that battle rappers CAN make songs. T-top recruits Mic West for this street banger that’s great to be played in your car. TopBizzy gets busy on Gymnastics by switching up flows, giving you a catchy hook, but still sticking to that trap talk. T-top the Park Lyfe General may be known for battle rap solely, but its easy to see the talent isn’t just on the stage. Listening to Bear Witness I and II, you’ll see T-top has a great ear for choosing beats. Top’s raspy voice and dark, melodic flow makes this song easy to enjoy and play at max volume. Go get Gymnastics on all platforms

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