Bullpen Battle League presents NYB’s Cortez and Math Hoffa vs NWX’s K-shine and DNA

2 on 2 battle between NYB’s Cortez and Math Hoffa vs NWX’s K-shine and DNA.

The battle happened on John John Da Don’s Bullpen Battle League. Both teams had bars and incredible delivery worthy of the “Tombombs”they received during the battle. The element that made this most entertaining were them being hilarious and lyrical. This battle has been long in the making and lived up to expectations envisioned by myself, the fans. It’s being well received by the masses and very evident by Twitter and Youtube comments; even being debated as the greatest 2 on 2 battle of all time. That statement alone is showing that these teams can be mentioned in the same conversation as Thesaurus and Illmaculate; in the fan’s eyes.

Bullpen Battle League is on its way to creating its own buzz being quarterbacked by world renowned emcee, John John Da Don, guiding and providing creative insight on the league’s direction. Big Tom comes through with fire beats lacing the best bars of the battle known as “Tombombs”. The crowd energy is live and seems neutral to both emcees providing the proper respects to both rappers, eliminating the “Gas Effect”. Check out this battle and the quality of it.  Shoutout to Bullpen Battle League and the whole staff and movement. Get in tuned with Bullpen Battle League; they are sure to be the topic of every battle rap fan’s conversation in upcoming months.

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