URL TV: Rum Nitty vs Ave

Writers’ Bloque, Rum Nitty from Arizona takes on Cave Gang’s Ave from Norfolk, VA. This battle was labelled battle of the night at Born Legacy 2. Watch these two up and comers take on each other. Will they live up to all the hype? Who do you have winning Rum Nitty or Ave? Enjoy the battle and give us feedback.

Goodz the Porn Star???

The Bronx Zoo’s own, Goodz, drops his latest visual for “Don’t” off his mixtape Thanks4yaPatience. The chocolate goddess you see as the leading lady is Beauty Dior. You may recognize her from *cough “adult” entertainment movies. Overall, this is a smooth track for the ladies to enjoy and a visual the fellas can too. Go get Goodz mixtape – Thanks4yaPatience at datpiff.com. Know what; the link is right here, Goodz- thanks4yapatience

Tay Roc and Tsu Surf vs K-Shine and DNA cancelled early?

On March 26, 2016 at URL’s Double Impact the long awaited battle between Tay Roc and Tsu Surf(Guntitles) and NWX tag team of K-Shine and DNA took place. There was already a high level of animosity between Tay Roc and K-Shine previously. It stemmed from K-Shine leaving Dot Mob and joining NWX. This has been the first time a member of either crew has been on stage face-to-face with one another.

Unfortunately, the battle ended after this altercation with 1 round remaining. Tay Roc has said “there will be no rematch between Guntitles and NWX”. Sadly, this was on the verge of being a classic battle leading up to Guntitles dethroning NWX’s K-Shine and DNA as tag team champs of battle rap.

BTW: Most fans have Guntitles winning 2-0 prior to the events happening below.

Ras Kass announces Soul On Ice 2 is in works

As a Cali born kid, I was raised off Ras Kass “Soul On Ice”. One of my favorite albums to date. Now the waterproof MC is back; Ras Kass announced earlier this month that the long awaited Soul On Ice project has begun and is to be released in December 2016. Soul On Ice was Ras Kass debut album that showed the East Coast that the West was more than gangbanging music; Soul On Ice 2 will be legendary. Ras Kass has said this album will be an independent project and has started an Indiegogo campaign that comes with all sorts of perks and merch when you pre-order album packages for Soul on Ice 2. Go to: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ras-kass-soul-on-ice-2–2#/ and show your support.

Quentin Miller vs Meek Mill????

Quentin Miller, the alleged ghostwriter for Drake. Well, one of the alleged ghostwriterS for Drake; Since rumors have surfaced of another…speaks on altercation with Meek Mill and Dreamchasers camp following his involvement in the infamous Drake beef with reference tracks. Listen as he speaks on what happened and how DC and Meek Mill stomped him bloody in a Nike store in LA.

We need to increase the peace.