Arsonal- You Seen It Coming Album Review

uQXJ-qkgArsonal Da Rebel aka “the most disrespectful rapper in battle rap” just dropped his mixtape You Seen It Coming. You might know Ars for battling on URL, King of The Dot, Dot Flop, Grindtime, and MTV’s Wildin’ Out to owning his own platform, UDubb Battle League. The Newark, New Jersey emcee is here to make sure ya’ll know his sh*t real, his sh*t raw, his sh*t is authentic; and you can’t spell BARS without puttin’ that ARS in it.

Arsonal comes out the gate with a biographical intro detailing life in his Newark, NJ streets; more specifically the Southward section. The beat for this first track is ill and Ars did his thing on it. He tells everything from about he grew up, crippin’, crime, women, to battling. Definitely grabbed my attention and me anticipate the rest of the project.

Next on the album is certified street banger! Wit Da Sh*t is a song that needs a video that give you the vintage Smack DVD and Jordan Towers music videos feel. The nostalgia it provided me was incredible because I miss when music gave you that raw, grimy feel; and wasn’t all about sounding like whoever hot at the time. Definitely top 5 on this album.

The title track featuring Rick Rogers, You Seen It Coming, has a Migos type feel to it. Rick is first on the beat and then Ars speeds up the flow and proceeds to well… lose his mind on the beat. This song might get a chain or two to get snatched; cause a mosh pit in the street; a lady might go upside a woman head with a Stiletto bumping this one. This track is filled with the energy that Lil Jon’s music had in the early 2000’s.

Arsonal hits up Uncle Snoop Dogg and Sammie for Eastside, Westside. Yes, the “I like the way you look at me” Sammie. This song is perfect for a pool party this summer. Gangstas are going to bring their Chuck Taylors out of retirement and boogie to this one. Dj’s put this on your playlist; you won’t be sorry.

Bottom line, Arsonal out to prove battle rappers can make songs. The stigma is gone. You want hood bangers; they’re here. You want club songs; they’re here. No matter where you from there something here for you. Very solid freshman album from Arsonal Da Rebel. The only way to go from here is to the top.

Go get that Arsonal, You Seen It Coming from iTunes and Google Play now. Get in tune now or get left behind.


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Favorite Songs:

Wit Da Sh*t

Eastside, Westside

Get Your Sh*t Together

Souf Ward Story

Fucc It Up

-Eugene Landers @ftchiphopnews



The bad guys of battle rap are back. DOT MOB! The EZ Man (Murda Mook), Mr. Dat N*gga Dead (T-rex), and Real Deal Dutch Brown recently dropped their mixtape Fu*k The Politics. The trio recruited DJ WhooKid who couldn’t be found at the time for the recording session. Rex and Dutch ended up mimicking DJ WhooKid’s famous intro, but failing after each attempt. Lol. Mook eventually steps in and has to call Whookid himself to find out what’s going on. Due to some unknown events; Whookid is laying low in Iowa somewhere and assures Dot Mob he has their back. After Whookid’s intro all jokes are off and its just bars, hip hop, and real rap.

Mook, Rex, and Dutch start off by killing their title track, Fu*k The Politics, which features the three over Raekwon’s Incarcerated Scarfaces. Most of you have never heard of Dutch Brown, but after hearing this verse its easy to see how he affiliates with the mob. Dutch is very punchline heavy and dope; surprised I never heard of him before.

Dot Mob goes on to annihilate the Gangstarr’s Mass Appeal beat. Guru would be proud. The Neva Told on Nobody video makes the song even better. Its easy to see Dot Mob is showing the world New York hip hop is far from dead and this is what the game has been missing.

The Dot Mob Trifecta continue to jack beats from Total “Tell Me What You Want” to Junior MAFIA’s “1,2 Ya’ll”. This mixtape is crazy. The bars and punchlines are ill. 100% New York vintage hiphop reminiscent of the late 90’s, early 2000’s. If this is what we got as a mixtape; then the album is going to have the underground and streets going crazy. Voices is already getting a buzz over the net.


If Mook, Rex, and Dutch read this, I NEED A FU*K THE SYSTEM shirt.

-Eugene L., @FTChiphopnews

Favorite Songs:

Intro (N*gga You sound like SHAQ!) LMFAO

Foster Kids (Rex snapped; like left Earth)

Mourning Homicide (Dot Mob lost their bloodclawt mind. Smh, makes me remember when we loved rappers, because they could really rap)

Neva Told On Nobody (…I was molded by old bread, Smh. Dutch Brown pen is CRAZY!)

Mickey Factz: Y-3 review

You probably asking #Y I’m writing about Mickey Factz? My reply #Ynot!

Mause comes back to us with latest project, Y-3. The Bronx bomber begins this album/mixtape with a snippet of $4.14, which can be found of 740 Park Ave., and turns into 4:14 AM. I’ve always loved the fact that Factz never followed what the industry did; the industry followed what Mickey factz did, and is why I’m a big fan. Listening to Mickey, you almost feel as if you know the man and his story.

My pops woke me up and told me I’m the illest out, It’s crazy ’cause these is dreams I be spittin’ out, 4:14 in the morning pouring my spirit out, Last year those 3 numbers was in the kid account” -4:14am

Mickey takes on a journey with him being broke to financially able while expressing his pain from nonbelievers claiming their right to his success. Not too many artist can remain lyrically inclined while telling a story. Its truly a lost art in hip-hop nowadays. The gift of being able to write with empathy connects you to Y-3 from the jump. Songs like 4:14am andMause: An American Tale take you down memory lane with the Bronx emcee with out setting foot in NYC.

Mickey goes on Syzygy, lyrically exercising his prowess over the “Run” instrumental by Jadakiss and Ghostface Killah. If you love bars, metaphors, and wordplay? Then Pendulum is the song for you. Mause enlists the help of URL’s “KINGPEN” Chilla Jones and Emilio Rojas. Can’t forget how I was when I heard Hayworth with Elzhi and Cyhi The Prince. This song will make you respect Mickey Factz as a lyricist, wordsmith, and emcee. Trying to not get out-shined by those two is a task in itself, keeping up with them shows Mickey is known through the industry for being superb with the pen.

Every song, you hear Mickey Factz exhibit MC wizadry. Y-3 is too good to be considered a mixtape, its an album. Nothing short of a classic with lost of replay value. Songs like of Under God, 8 bit dreams, and Room 306 stand out on the mixtape. I keep wanting to say album because that’s what I consider it. If you love hip hop, do yourself and treat yourself to Y-3. Mark my word; you won’t be disappointed.

FUN FACT: This piece of work was authored in 2 days only! 2 DAYS!

Check out the visual for the single, Qasa, here.

Schoolboy Q- Groovy Tony

TDE’s own, Schoolboy Q, comes and drops the first single “Groovy Tony” off his new album in a very awesome video. In the video, Groovy Tony aka Blankface is portrayed as  figure with shades and a bucket hat; similar to those worn by Q. The video is set around a junkyard where you find a man trapped beneath a digger, bodies in the jaws of a crane, a dude hanging from a warehouse ceiling inside a shipping container in which Schoolboy Q appears to live. Check the video out and let us know what you think about Groovy Tony.