The bad guys of battle rap are back. DOT MOB! The EZ Man (Murda Mook), Mr. Dat N*gga Dead (T-rex), and Real Deal Dutch Brown recently dropped their mixtape Fu*k The Politics. The trio recruited DJ WhooKid who couldn’t be found at the time for the recording session. Rex and Dutch ended up mimicking DJ WhooKid’s famous intro, but failing after each attempt. Lol. Mook eventually steps in and has to call Whookid himself to find out what’s going on. Due to some unknown events; Whookid is laying low in Iowa somewhere and assures Dot Mob he has their back. After Whookid’s intro all jokes are off and its just bars, hip hop, and real rap.

Mook, Rex, and Dutch start off by killing their title track, Fu*k The Politics, which features the three over Raekwon’s Incarcerated Scarfaces. Most of you have never heard of Dutch Brown, but after hearing this verse its easy to see how he affiliates with the mob. Dutch is very punchline heavy and dope; surprised I never heard of him before.

Dot Mob goes on to annihilate the Gangstarr’s Mass Appeal beat. Guru would be proud. The Neva Told on Nobody video makes the song even better. Its easy to see Dot Mob is showing the world New York hip hop is far from dead and this is what the game has been missing.

The Dot Mob Trifecta continue to jack beats from Total “Tell Me What You Want” to Junior MAFIA’s “1,2 Ya’ll”. This mixtape is crazy. The bars and punchlines are ill. 100% New York vintage hiphop reminiscent of the late 90’s, early 2000’s. If this is what we got as a mixtape; then the album is going to have the underground and streets going crazy. Voices is already getting a buzz over the net.


If Mook, Rex, and Dutch read this, I NEED A FU*K THE SYSTEM shirt.

-Eugene L., @FTChiphopnews

Favorite Songs:

Intro (N*gga You sound like SHAQ!) LMFAO

Foster Kids (Rex snapped; like left Earth)

Mourning Homicide (Dot Mob lost their bloodclawt mind. Smh, makes me remember when we loved rappers, because they could really rap)

Neva Told On Nobody (…I was molded by old bread, Smh. Dutch Brown pen is CRAZY!)

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