Brizz Rawsteen – RAWTHENTIC x Album Review

C9oGD35XYAAscpFWhen you think of hip hop in North Carolina; a couple names come to mind. 9th Wonder, J. cole, Rapsody, Petey Pablo. Now there’s one more name you can add to the list of the Tar Heel state’s hip hop heavyhitters. Wilmington, Delaware born – Raleigh, North Carolina raised, Brizz Rawsteen, is known for his lyrical ability, unorthodox and aggressive style, and wordplay in battle rap. Brizz is back letting the world know he’s not just nice on stages slaying emcees, but also on tracks too. If you aren’t familiar with his previous project, RAWTAPE, then I assure RAWTHENTIC is a perfect piece of work that can get you familiar and make you join the infamous DARKSIDE.

Black Commission has a mafioso/old school vibe with a lot street knowledge. The song starts off as if he’s having a conversation with a DARKSIDE Soldier or henchmen, not at all. After several listens I realize Brizz in Capo mode talking to you, discussing operations and how business and street etiquette should be conducted. Pretty dope song overall.

Brizz chose to slow things down on For Dat Paper and give you an interesting perspective on how people change when money is involved. Jealousy breeds envy and greed in the hearts of corrupted people. It’s just a sad fact that everyone around you isn’t going to be happy with your success. This track is so vivid with details on actual emotions that it makes it hard to describe. Rawsteen captures those salty emotions of haters so well on this melodic track making it easy to listen and vibe to.

God Status is my favorite song on this whole project. Brizz lost it on this song. Concept. Bars. Metaphors. Perspective. All these factors made this song easy to gravitate to. Frizz proves his pen is just different and mentally can turn something abstract into an audio Picasso. The way Rawsteen incorporates biblical references to his subject matter is glorious. It may take several listens to catch everything. Very unique and interesting song  that I recommend to someone who enjoys bars.

Brizz reaches out to fellow North Carolina emcee, Rain 910, for Godflows. The two lyricist  do a great job going bar for bar on this song. If these two collaborate again, I’d be happy to see it. The rock ‘n’ roll beat is something emcees should lightly tread on nowadays, but this song is good. Shorter than what I expected, I was just getting into the joint.

For this to be a freshmen, independent venture for Brizz Rawsteen; I’m quite impressed. The rise and fall of the whole album kept me engaged and actively listening. The lead single, Better That Way, concludes the album and it’s easy to see the force is strong in the DARKSIDE head honcho. The bars on this song will easily command your attention as Brizz gives rides the beat like 10-speed Schwinn.

Go get that RAWTHENTIC by BRIZZ RAWSTEEN off iTunes, Google, Amazon, and Spotify. Make sure you check his classic battles on Youtube, just search the name and click one. The man won’t let you down, Shoutout to DARKSIDE, Cave Gang, Dot Mobb. Brizz Rawsteen got next, mark my word. And make sure you stay in tune with FTCHIPHOPNEWS, we trying to reach God Status.

Da Homie Shinobi, FTCHHN

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