DAVE EAST – My Little Secret

Morning ya’ll. I woke up and saw this jewel from Harlem’s Dave EAST. This smooth, laid back, vibe is just what I need to start my morning. It seems Dave East surprised the world dropping his album; Paranoia: A True Story, last night too. So stay tuned for that.

Also, a really special shoutout to Asia Keys; she’s the main lead/love interest in the video. Instantly became a fan. Call it thirst if you want, but the girl is bad. Ya’ll have a good day and enjoy Dave East- My Little Secret.

Treazon x Medusa


Check out this song from one of Cleveland’s own up and coming stars. Treazon is back like he never left with a hit single that is sure to get a lot of love. Click Play and enjoy the ride into Medusa’s eyes.

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