Will Tesla x Lyrics Hidden In The Beat

Will Tesla is back in his own lane on “Lyrics Hidden In The Beat”. As an anime fiend, I was already smiling hearing the Naruto sample, but once I heard the beat flip.Shoutout to TrackGonEat; OMFG, I lost it. Tesla came on this track and took no prisoners. The diversity of the flow and confidence exhibited on this track makes it easy to nod to. If this sets the tone for his upcoming mixtape, Childhood Fantasy, we definitely could have something to vibe out for this cold winter. This teaser has replay value to hold you over till his next release, but at the same time makes you eager to hear what’s next. Check it out below and let me know what you think.

Cole Landers

Follow Will Tesla at:                                                                  Follow FTCHIPHOPNEWS at:
IG: @therealwilltesla                                                                    IG: @ftchiphopnews
Twitter: @darealwilltesla                                                            Twitter: @ftchiphopnews,

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