Jay-Z vs Donald Trump

On January 27, 2018, Hip-Hop Icon Shawn (Jay-Z) Carter was a guest on the debut of CNN’s The Van Jones Show. It was here that Hov was asked about the president’s comment “Why do we want all these people from shithole countries coming here?” during an Oval Office meeting rejecting the bipartisan immigration DACA deal. The president’s comment/question was aimed at African countries in general. Several senators reported this was the comment verbatim from the leader of the free world’s own mouth.

Mr. Carter replied to Van Jones stating “Everyone feels anger, but after the anger it’s really hurtful because he’s looking down on a whole population of people and he’s so misinformed because these places have beautiful people.” Jay-Z continued to explain how President Donald Trump’s exposed a larger problem in America I like to call covert racism.

There was a moment when Donald Sterling had been exposed as this racist on a private phone conversation that he was having and they took his team from him, And it’s like, OK, that’s one way to do it. But another way would have been, let him have his team and then let’s talk about it together. … Maybe some penalties. Because once you do that, all the other closet racists just run back in the hole. You haven’t fixed anything. What you’ve done was spray perfume on a trash can,” – Jay-Z

Hov continued the correlation between racism and trash saying the more perfume you spray on the trash; the more bugs you attract. You still haven’t dealt with the trash, meaning racism.

This is where it gets good. Hov continued on and said “You don’t take the trash out. You keep spraying whatever over it to make it acceptable and then, you know, as those things grow, then you create a superbug. And then now we have Donald Trump, the superbug.” Can we get a Don Demarco for the God emcee, please? A standing ovation is in order.

Van Jones went on and asked what were Jay-Z thoughts on the President saying he is dropping black unemployment and if he puts money in our pockets; does that make him a good leader.

Jay-Z replied,”No, because it’s not about money at the end of the day. Money doesn’t equate to happiness. It doesn’t. That’s missing the whole point. You treat people like human beings. That’s the main point,” he said. “It goes back to the whole thing — ‘Treat me really bad and pay me well.’ It’s not going to lead to happiness, it’s going to lead to, again, the same thing. Everyone’s going to be sick.” 

The Roc Nation CEO continues what can only be summarized by his own quote.

“Now, politics has become about votes and not about people.”

Hov went on and gave Van Jones this statement. “My problem with government is, I think they forget that it’s real people behind these decisions that they’re making. … We’re, like, people going through real things in real time and in real pain. And when you ignore that pain for so long, people — they will act out, and it’s like, ‘I want to see something different.” And that opens the door to what we’re living through now.

Today, Donald Trump decided to respond to Jay-Z’s interview by tweeting “Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, Black Unemployment has just been reported to be at the LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED!” 

Smh…So I guess were going to forget the fact JAY-Z ALREADY RESPONDED TO THE FUC*KING TOPIC, ARE WE?!?! How do you rebuttal something with an answer that’s already been answer? To paraphrase Jay-Z; Do you fools listen to interviews or do you just skim through it? Bottom line, Trump’s tweet means absolutely nothing because the answer was given prior to the tweet. Jay-Z was informed before Van Jones and informed Mr. Jones how he felt about issue. I feel a Hollow Da Don bar is in order here.

I’m so far ahead and above with my time. I can rebuttal your rhyme before you come up with the line.” -Hollow Da Don, vs. Loaded Lux

That’s exactly what happened here. I can’t even understand why twitter is in an uproar. I’m glad to see Jay-Z trending. It’s Grammy Sunday and Hov has 8 nominations. All Jay has to do is win one and this battle goes to Round 2. Hov! It’s on you.




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