No Shoutout, No Justice? Meek Mill vs Judge Genece Brinkley

Just when the system thought they had one up on Meek Mill; he came back like his intro on Dreams vs Nightmares.

     “Hold up wait a minute, Ya’ll thought I was finished…

Meek got a major W in what looked like a big legal win last week.  The ruling came back that transcripts involving him and Judge Genece Brinkley could be used in his appeal. Judge Brinkley is the one who put the MMG emcee behind bars for two to for years for probation violation.

Meek’s legal team feels sure the transcripts would show Judge Brinkley pressured Meek to record a rendition of the Boys II Men hit “On Bended Knee” with a shout out to her in it. The court transcripts would also show that she requested Meek drop Roc Nation for management and use her friend Charlie Mack instead.

Did this court appointed official just use her position to get a song, a shoutout, and put her homie on? Is she mad because Meek got a promising career and the ONE movie she made didn’t make Netflix? Was it even in Blockbuster? WAS THE MOVIE EVEN WORTH REMAKING IN TO HD?
I’m not going to say this IS extortion, but I DAMN SURE won’t say it ISN’T.

Turns out, it wasn’t Judge Brinkley who wanted Meek to jump ship from Roc Nation and sign with Charlie Mack. It was Meek Mills’s probation officer that suggested Meek use Mack, saying he would give him more guidance and put him on the right track. Brinkley shot down that accusation from the court bench stating she didn’t want the record to show who his management is or not. The probation officer did say “What I like about Charlie, he is not invested in Meek Mills. He is invested in Robert Williams [Meek’s government name].” So it was Meek’s P.O. trying to put their friend on; not the judge.


We still have the issue of the Boys II Men remix and a damn shoutout. Now get this! After learning all that; a court clerk gave Meek a note on the low, asking for money for her son’s tuition. C’mon Son! Ed Lover voice.

Unfortunately, it still looks like Meek may not be getting out of his sentence because Brinkley did something wrong, but a formal court investigation is in the works.

It’s sad when you see the system that’s supposed to be for you, be against you. It’s even worse seeing that same system trying to use you and impose their own will.  Judge Brinkley. Meek’s P.O. That money hungry court clerk. Please hold this L. I hope Charlamagne gives every official Donkey of The Day and more. This man needs and deserves a new trial with…I don’t know… AN IMPARTIAL JUDICIAL COMMITEE AS EXPECTED IN A DAMN COURT OF LAW!

Hold your head Meek. We’ll see you home soon.

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