It’s always a pleasure when you find a talented lyricist in these days where image outshines the art of lyricism. A talent with a lot potential. A talent with the power to shake things up. A talent with a unique sound that keeps you engaged and wanting to hear more. The talent I’m talking about goes by the name of G-Epic.


G-epic is a NYC transplant hailing from Miami, FL who started writing rhymes at eight years old and hasn’t let up since. As a child, the emcee drew his inspiration from Biggie, Jay-Z, Tupac, and Outkast. After his second year in college, G-epic made the bold move from Miami to New York to pursue his dreams of doing music full time.

It’s easy to see, G-Epic made it his personal mission to see he gets the respect he deserves with his music. He recently released his song “The Plug” which is getting a lot of request and spins on radio stations. G-epic is steadily proving he is built for music business and is putting out quality music that gaining notoriety all over social media. Word has it, G-Epic is opening up for Snow the Product and Lil Bibby’s April concert in Denver, CO.

On January 25, 2018, G-Epic announced that his new album “Epic Life” is on the way. If songs like “The Plug” and “Mountain Top” are only a taste of G-Epic’s latest independent venture; the streets are going to be in an uproar and talking about this wordsmith for a long while.

It’s rare you find a talent that comes out of nowhere and gets props from some of the hip-hop scene’s elite. Battlerap living legend, Loaded Lux, is on record saying the music he heard from G-Epic is fire. This statement shows that G-Epic is obviously going to be ahead of his peers when he drops Epic Life; possibly in a league of his own.


Check out G-Epic’s new single “The Plug” above and share with your friends so they can be familiar as well. If you are in Colorado call your local radio station and put them on game by requesting, The Plug by G-Epic as well.

        Call-in to: KS 107.5               (720-489-1075)
                          96.1 THE BEAT   (719-226-2328)
                          98.5 Blazin FM   (719-597-9898)

You can find G-Epic on all social media platforms listed below.

Twitter: @iamgepic    Instagram: @gepicmusic

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