Will Tesla drops Childhood Fantasy

Following his debut Ghost in the MPC Vol.1, Will Tesla is back with another project with a strong, conceptual project called Childhood Fantasy.

Brooklyn’s own, Will Tesla plays on listeners heart strings’ by  rhyming over samples every 80’s and 90’s baby are familiar with.  Open Letter contains a magnificent sample from Super Mario World that’s definitely worth checking out. Ride is a beautifully composed song and Tesla rides the Marvel vs Capcom 2 sample flawlessly. No pun intended.

Tesla opens Childhood Fantasy with Redemption. The way this Attack On Titan sample is flipped is bananas and Will does a great job complimenting the track’s energy with his flow and lyrical ability. “Flow been dumb/ In my old bag; now you in one/ I give it to ’em and then some/ Seen friends change like Shang Tsung/” Tesla rhymes with conviction and passion.

Childhood Fantasy showcases Will Tesla’s growth as lyricist and dedication to his craft. In the short time Childhood Fantasy has been released, it’s been streamed over 4000 times on digital music platforms. These ten songs are sure to make a fan out of anyone unfamiliar with the Brooklyn wordsmith.

Check out Will Tesla’s tracklist:

1. Redemption
2. Ride
3. Open Letter
4. Triggered
5. Remain
6. Lyrics Hidden in the Beat
7. Find A Way
8. Once Upon A Time
9. Childhood Fantasy
10. Sanctuary (feat. Treazon)

Click this “Childhood Fantasy” link, press play and enjoy.

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