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Ras Kass announces Soul On Ice 2 is in works

As a Cali born kid, I was raised off Ras Kass “Soul On Ice”. One of my favorite albums to date. Now the waterproof MC is back; Ras Kass announced earlier this month that the long awaited Soul On Ice project has begun and is to be released in December 2016. Soul On Ice was Ras Kass debut album that showed the East Coast that the West was more than gangbanging music; Soul On Ice 2 will be legendary. Ras Kass has said this album will be an independent project and has started an Indiegogo campaign that comes with all sorts of perks and merch when you pre-order album packages for Soul on Ice 2. Go to:–2#/ and show your support.

Quentin Miller vs Meek Mill????

Quentin Miller, the alleged ghostwriter for Drake. Well, one of the alleged ghostwriterS for Drake; Since rumors have surfaced of another…speaks on altercation with Meek Mill and Dreamchasers camp following his involvement in the infamous Drake beef with reference tracks. Listen as he speaks on what happened and how DC and Meek Mill stomped him bloody in a Nike store in LA.

We need to increase the peace.

Rest In Peace – Phife Dawg


As a hiphop head, it really hurts my soul that we lost someone so detrimental to our culture. Malik Isaac Taylor aka Phife Dawg was…No, is a member of A Tribe Called Quest. In 1990, the 5 foot Assassin was diagnosed with diabetes. It is with the most heavy heart that I express my condolences to all those related, close to, and influenced by this hip hop pioneer. Rest in Power brother.

I like ’em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian too.

Princess Vitarah – Nigerian Pu$$y breaks the net

Princess Vitarah has become an overnight sensation with new song, “Nigerian Pu$$y.” The song has generated so much of a buzz and controversy due to being so explicit, it was ripped of Youtube for being so explicit and vulgar. As a hiphop head, we have been exposed to FAR worse. She has a decent flow, very bold (as you can hear), and easy on the eyes. Catch the song here before it may be taken down. Shoutout to Princess Vitarah for doing her thing and breaking the net.

Cam’ron debuts his own web series: Giles Investigations

Harlem native and DIPSET Founding Member, Cam’ron, recollects on his old drug selling days and recalls having one customer who very worthy of some fame. Comedian, Faceman (most remembered for his “Tragedy” skit) just can’t seem to leave the crack alone. Cam’ron and Faceman are working on a project detailed in this video that may have you laugh at times but also be aware that in parts of America; this is a morbid reality. This is Giles Investigations: Episode 1