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HIPHOPISREAL.com brings us with their latest battle between two lyrical heavyweights. NWX’s Big T faces off against New England’s own 40 Barrs in this one rounder hosted by K-Shine. Shoutout to Hiphopisreal.com for putting on For The Culture. FOLLOW HIPHOPISREAL.COM Twitter: @hiphopisreal FOLLOW FTCHIPHOPNEWS at: Twitter: @ftchiphopnews, @DHShinobi IG: @ftchiphopnews

T-top: Bear Witness II Album Review

Following the powerful debut of Rain910, Mr. “Before you watch this battle, you gotta hear my track first”, another of North Carolina’s elite emcees step up to the plate. T-top hits the streets with Bear Witness II. What rock I was under when Bear Witness I dropped I don’t know. The freestyle Friday champ most notabily…