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HIPHOPISREAL.com brings us with their latest battle between two lyrical heavyweights. NWX’s Big T faces off against New England’s own 40 Barrs in this one rounder hosted by K-Shine. Shoutout to Hiphopisreal.com for putting on For The Culture.

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Tay Roc and Tsu Surf vs K-Shine and DNA cancelled early?

On March 26, 2016 at URL’s Double Impact the long awaited battle between Tay Roc and Tsu Surf(Guntitles) and NWX tag team of K-Shine and DNA took place. There was already a high level of animosity between Tay Roc and K-Shine previously. It stemmed from K-Shine leaving Dot Mob and joining NWX. This has been the first time a member of either crew has been on stage face-to-face with one another.

Unfortunately, the battle ended after this altercation with 1 round remaining. Tay Roc has said “there will be no rematch between Guntitles and NWX”. Sadly, this was on the verge of being a classic battle leading up to Guntitles dethroning NWX’s K-Shine and DNA as tag team champs of battle rap.

BTW: Most fans have Guntitles winning 2-0 prior to the events happening below.

T-top: Bear Witness II Album Review


Following the powerful debut of Rain910, Mr. “Before you watch this battle, you gotta hear my track first”, another of North Carolina’s elite emcees step up to the plate. T-top hits the streets with Bear Witness II. What rock I was under when Bear Witness I dropped I don’t know. The freestyle Friday champ most notabily went viral for his 3rd vs Sno drops Bear Witness II. Appearances seem quite limited on this project. T-top shares bars with King Mel, Kronik,  fellow North Carolinians; Shyst Vadar, Rain910, and Brizz Rawsteen.

T-top starts the album with “Destruction”. The song starts with someone chanting “please help me to understand lord, I’m trying to make it as a man lord.” The Park Lyfe general takes you down memory lane where you see how the trap really took its toll on T-top. Lots of real life bars; not too much wordplay. One line that did stand out was when Top said “It might not make sense to you how I had a basement filled up with attics(Addicts).” The tone for this album is already set; lots of dopeboy talk, lots of hood experiences, betrayal, hoes, and trapping’.

As a new artist, T-top shows he can really write with the best of them. Thinking feat. Chris Mills is a song that can ignite a trap nigga’s PTSD. Song is too real. Can’t you tell is a song that boasts how Bizzy’s team get money and the hardships that come along with it. Very dope track. Used to is my favorite song on the album. The collar of Rain910, T-top, Shyst, Acashondeck, make for a dope trunk banger. Grammy has a very dope trap beat and Top does great riding the beat and can easily be played in a club or a turn-up. Nothing to Something has a real grimy hood vibe; Needs to be used for Respect Life or Money and Violence. *HINT! Wooda Black batting clean-up on the song. Shoutout to that man.

T-Top ft. Shyst Vadar, Rain910, Acashondeck- Used 2 Visual

When I saw Brizz and Top on the same track, I had so much hope for this track since it features two of NC’s best battle rappers. Brizz runs anchor on the song and completely wrecks this track. The aggression and passion made this verse one of my favorites on the project. The Come Up has a soundtrack vibe to it and ABSOLUTELY love it. If you been in the streets and need a lic, then you can identify with this song. Its cinematic. Anytime you see someone struggling and needs to make money, this song comes to mind. AGAIN *HINT, Money and Violence Boom P., Cloud 9! Make it happen.* We reach the end of BWII with Benjamin; the outro has a very orchestrated and classy beat. Love the piano. T-top raps telling you how people envy his success but still true to what he is. Something we all go through at one time or another.

Overall, GREAT FUC*ING PROJECT! As a first time listener I will say I have to get Bear Witness I and stay looking out for future music and battles. Go get BWII on iTUNES now. Don’t miss out on this. Do it for Park Lyfe, North Carolina; most of all For The Culture.

Purchase T-top BEAR WITNESS II here

-Eugene Landers

Bullpen Battle League presents NYB’s Cortez and Math Hoffa vs NWX’s K-shine and DNA

2 on 2 battle between NYB’s Cortez and Math Hoffa vs NWX’s K-shine and DNA.

The battle happened on John John Da Don’s Bullpen Battle League. Both teams had bars and incredible delivery worthy of the “Tombombs”they received during the battle. The element that made this most entertaining were them being hilarious and lyrical. This battle has been long in the making and lived up to expectations envisioned by myself, the fans. It’s being well received by the masses and very evident by Twitter and Youtube comments; even being debated as the greatest 2 on 2 battle of all time. That statement alone is showing that these teams can be mentioned in the same conversation as Thesaurus and Illmaculate; in the fan’s eyes.

Bullpen Battle League is on its way to creating its own buzz being quarterbacked by world renowned emcee, John John Da Don, guiding and providing creative insight on the league’s direction. Big Tom comes through with fire beats lacing the best bars of the battle known as “Tombombs”. The crowd energy is live and seems neutral to both emcees providing the proper respects to both rappers, eliminating the “Gas Effect”. Check out this battle and the quality of it.  Shoutout to Bullpen Battle League and the whole staff and movement. Get in tuned with Bullpen Battle League; they are sure to be the topic of every battle rap fan’s conversation in upcoming months.

#KOTD #Blackout6ix Announcement #12

With Blackout 6, right around the corner. King of the Dot entertainment is unveiling its roster one day at a time. The matches won’t be announced until the event takes place. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates.



URL presents the much anticipated @DNA_GTFOH vs @BRIZZRAWSTEEN from “A Perfect Day to Die” North Carolina collides with New York. Who do you think won?