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The TRAP NY presents Tay Smutter vs Shyce

The Trap NY battle league blesses us with their latest battle between two hungry up and comers. DMV’s Tay Smutter and the Bronx’s Shyce go head up in this one rounder. Shoutout to The Trap NY Battle League, CONGAING, Tay Smutter , and Shyce for this ill battle. Check out more battle from The Trap NY here.

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Bishop Brigante x Legacy Album Review

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Back at you with with another review. This time we’re going international and vibing out to Canada’s own, Bishop Brigante. For those who don’t know, Brigante has been in movies, TV series, and is very known on Canada’s hip hop scene. A lot of you may just know him as the face next to Organik on King of The Dot’s battle rap league, but I assure you he’s much more than that. So grab your poutine and enjoy this summary of Bishop Brigante’s Legacy.

Bishop Brigante kicks of the Legacy album with his single, “That’s the Way.” This song has a 90’s basement party type vibe. In these days where trap beats and mumble rap reign; its refreshing to hear someone stick to their roots and take it back to a good time in rap. This song is definitely for the underground clubs; hip hop heads will definitely rock to this. Next, the Section 6 family does a great job on “About to Change”. This melodic, uplifting song is definitely a song the crowd will sing along to and needs a video. Big Zeeks, Mikey G, and Bishop made an incredible track. I’m surprised this isn’t the last song on the album. 6 Up definitely solidifies my opinion that I’m not getting a radio friendly album. I feel like I’m back in the grimy 90’s era where street anthems were preferred over top 40 hits. Bishop definitely is doing his thing so far and presents solid material. It’s easy to see that his style is very New York influenced but Scarborough helped developed his style and story. Moving along; we get into “Hard Times”. This soulful biography paints a vivd picture of life in poverty and stereotypes. Bishop can paint images with lyric very well. Hard Times definitely needs a visual as well. I was incredibly shocked when I saw the features on “That’s the way” remix. This song features the legendary MC Lyte and Onyx’s own Sticky Fingaz. This remix just exudes energy and excitement with these two on it. I have no idea how Bishop got this collaboration to happen, but I love it. Brigitte turns up on his verse immensely compared to the original. JD Era and Drake lend their talents to Shorty Grindin’ and I must say its very dope. Bishop definitely has a couple club bangers on here that went unnoticed by the world and I can’t see why, or how? If it was up to me I’d make “It’s fo Twenty” the lead single. Nate Dogg on the hook makes this track absolutely special; the beat is definitely a club banger. This song definitely has hit potential and deserves to be a club banger. Finally we have “My Style” Bishop gets on this street anthem and is reminiscent of The Game and 50 Cent with his flow. I love this song its got a very gritty vibe that you can groove to. I’m disappointed the album is ending here because I’m really vibing out.

Overall, Bishop Brigante puts out a solid project and good music. The songs have substance and lyrics are on point. I love the fact I didn’t get an album oversaturated with features because I came for a Bishop Brigante album, and thats what I got. I really expected more than eight songs on this album, but I can’t complain because I enjoyed them all. Just wish this project was a little longer. I dig the music and can’t wait to hear more from the King Of The Dot co-host. You should have seen my face after finding out how old these songs are; a lot of artists now can’t make music that ages this well.After hearing this I definitely need to keep my ear to Canada’s hiphop scene a lot more.

-Da Homie Shinobi, FTCHHN

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Colosseum Battle League presents Pakistan vs SG

Colosseum battle league blesses us with their latest battle between two New Jersey up and comers. Pakistan and SG exchange bars in this one rounder. Shoutout to Colosseum Battle League, COONGANG and thisiskushdvd.com for this dope battle.

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Pat Stay – Steel Toes

You’ve seen him tearing emcees apart all over the King Of The Dot platform; now Canada’s, Pat Stay is here with a song giving you a taste of what it’s like walking in his steel toes.

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Natalia aka Myverse x Hoodfellas (Prod. by Dre Did It)

The legendary Rock Steady Crew’s Natalia aka Myverse drops a 🔥track called “Hoodfellas” produced by Dre Did It. She’s dropping a lot of dope songs lately; check her soundcloud here. Expect to see a project dropping from her soon.

If you aren’t familiar with her previous album, check our review for STATE OF THE ART. Just click here.

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Brizz Rawsteen – RAWTHENTIC x Album Review

C9oGD35XYAAscpFWhen you think of hip hop in North Carolina; a couple names come to mind. 9th Wonder, J. cole, Rapsody, Petey Pablo. Now there’s one more name you can add to the list of the Tar Heel state’s hip hop heavyhitters. Wilmington, Delaware born – Raleigh, North Carolina raised, Brizz Rawsteen, is known for his lyrical ability, unorthodox and aggressive style, and wordplay in battle rap. Brizz is back letting the world know he’s not just nice on stages slaying emcees, but also on tracks too. If you aren’t familiar with his previous project, RAWTAPE, then I assure RAWTHENTIC is a perfect piece of work that can get you familiar and make you join the infamous DARKSIDE.

Black Commission has a mafioso/old school vibe with a lot street knowledge. The song starts off as if he’s having a conversation with a DARKSIDE Soldier or henchmen, not at all. After several listens I realize Brizz in Capo mode talking to you, discussing operations and how business and street etiquette should be conducted. Pretty dope song overall.

Brizz chose to slow things down on For Dat Paper and give you an interesting perspective on how people change when money is involved. Jealousy breeds envy and greed in the hearts of corrupted people. It’s just a sad fact that everyone around you isn’t going to be happy with your success. This track is so vivid with details on actual emotions that it makes it hard to describe. Rawsteen captures those salty emotions of haters so well on this melodic track making it easy to listen and vibe to.

God Status is my favorite song on this whole project. Brizz lost it on this song. Concept. Bars. Metaphors. Perspective. All these factors made this song easy to gravitate to. Frizz proves his pen is just different and mentally can turn something abstract into an audio Picasso. The way Rawsteen incorporates biblical references to his subject matter is glorious. It may take several listens to catch everything. Very unique and interesting song  that I recommend to someone who enjoys bars.

Brizz reaches out to fellow North Carolina emcee, Rain 910, for Godflows. The two lyricist  do a great job going bar for bar on this song. If these two collaborate again, I’d be happy to see it. The rock ‘n’ roll beat is something emcees should lightly tread on nowadays, but this song is good. Shorter than what I expected, I was just getting into the joint.

For this to be a freshmen, independent venture for Brizz Rawsteen; I’m quite impressed. The rise and fall of the whole album kept me engaged and actively listening. The lead single, Better That Way, concludes the album and it’s easy to see the force is strong in the DARKSIDE head honcho. The bars on this song will easily command your attention as Brizz gives rides the beat like 10-speed Schwinn.

Go get that RAWTHENTIC by BRIZZ RAWSTEEN off iTunes, Google, Amazon, and Spotify. Make sure you check his classic battles on Youtube, just search the name and click one. The man won’t let you down, Shoutout to DARKSIDE, Cave Gang, Dot Mobb. Brizz Rawsteen got next, mark my word. And make sure you stay in tune with FTCHIPHOPNEWS, we trying to reach God Status.

Da Homie Shinobi, FTCHHN

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Mickey Factz: Y-3 review

You probably asking #Y I’m writing about Mickey Factz? My reply #Ynot!

Mause comes back to us with latest project, Y-3. The Bronx bomber begins this album/mixtape with a snippet of $4.14, which can be found of 740 Park Ave., and turns into 4:14 AM. I’ve always loved the fact that Factz never followed what the industry did; the industry followed what Mickey factz did, and is why I’m a big fan. Listening to Mickey, you almost feel as if you know the man and his story.

My pops woke me up and told me I’m the illest out, It’s crazy ’cause these is dreams I be spittin’ out, 4:14 in the morning pouring my spirit out, Last year those 3 numbers was in the kid account” -4:14am

Mickey takes on a journey with him being broke to financially able while expressing his pain from nonbelievers claiming their right to his success. Not too many artist can remain lyrically inclined while telling a story. Its truly a lost art in hip-hop nowadays. The gift of being able to write with empathy connects you to Y-3 from the jump. Songs like 4:14am andMause: An American Tale take you down memory lane with the Bronx emcee with out setting foot in NYC.

Mickey goes on Syzygy, lyrically exercising his prowess over the “Run” instrumental by Jadakiss and Ghostface Killah. If you love bars, metaphors, and wordplay? Then Pendulum is the song for you. Mause enlists the help of URL’s “KINGPEN” Chilla Jones and Emilio Rojas. Can’t forget how I was when I heard Hayworth with Elzhi and Cyhi The Prince. This song will make you respect Mickey Factz as a lyricist, wordsmith, and emcee. Trying to not get out-shined by those two is a task in itself, keeping up with them shows Mickey is known through the industry for being superb with the pen.

Every song, you hear Mickey Factz exhibit MC wizadry. Y-3 is too good to be considered a mixtape, its an album. Nothing short of a classic with lost of replay value. Songs like of Under God, 8 bit dreams, and Room 306 stand out on the mixtape. I keep wanting to say album because that’s what I consider it. If you love hip hop, do yourself and treat yourself to Y-3. Mark my word; you won’t be disappointed.

FUN FACT: This piece of work was authored in 2 days only! 2 DAYS!

Check out the visual for the single, Qasa, here.