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Colosseum Battle League presents Pakistan vs SG

Colosseum battle league blesses us with their latest battle between two New Jersey up and comers. Pakistan and SG exchange bars in this one rounder. Shoutout to Colosseum Battle League, COONGANG and thisiskushdvd.com for this dope battle. FOLLOW COLOSSEUM BATTLE LEAGUE:  Twitter: @ColosseumTCBL , @blackbeardTD IG: @thecolosseumbattleleague Youtube: www.youtube.com/thecolosseumbattleleague FOLLOW FTCHIPHOPNEWS AT: Twitter: @FTCHIPHOPNEWS, @DHShinobi IG: @ftchiphopnews Advertisements

Arsonal- You Seen It Coming Album Review

Arsonal Da Rebel aka “the most disrespectful rapper in battle rap” just dropped his mixtape You Seen It Coming. You might know Ars for battling on URL, King of The Dot, Dot Flop, Grindtime, and MTV’s Wildin’ Out to owning his own platform, UDubb Battle League. The Newark, New Jersey emcee is here to make…

GUNTITLES vs NWX (K-shine & DNA)

The most anticipated battle of the year happened on March 26, 2016. Check out NWX’s K-Shine and DNA versus Tsu Surf and Tay Roc. GUNTITLES! For months we have heard about the Jersey-Baltimore allegiance. No one believed the styles would mesh. This battle had so much controversy but here it is for you to enjoy.