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The TRAP NY presents Tay Smutter vs Shyce

The Trap NY battle league blesses us with their latest battle between two hungry up and comers. DMV’s Tay Smutter and the Bronx’s Shyce go head up in this one rounder. Shoutout to The Trap NY Battle League, CONGAING, Tay Smutter , and Shyce for this ill battle. Check out more battle from The Trap NY here.

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Natalia aka Myverse x Hoodfellas (Prod. by Dre Did It)

The legendary Rock Steady Crew’s Natalia aka Myverse drops a 🔥track called “Hoodfellas” produced by Dre Did It. She’s dropping a lot of dope songs lately; check her soundcloud here. Expect to see a project dropping from her soon.

If you aren’t familiar with her previous album, check our review for STATE OF THE ART. Just click here.

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Q-flo x Poetre’ – Erase Me EP


Today is a day I will forever remember due to spiritually being hurt to the utmost degree. Honestly, I’ve always found refuge through music. The power of rhythm and poetry (RAP) is truly a powerful force when the two combine. Now imagine that power when its fused with the strength of the Lord. In the darkest hour of my day, I was sent an EP from a quite talented artist. A gospel artist, at that.

Philadelphia natives, Q-flo and Poetre’, exalts their Lord and savior Jesus Christ in a manner that anyone from the congregation to the street corner would have to notice and listen to. As an artist, Q-flo, gives you the bars of a battle rapper, but the same message you would get from a minister on his best Sunday. You can definitely tell Q-flo is from Philly; you can hear in the melodic flow, it also has hints of Cassidy and Reed Dollaz. Poetre’ does a great job riding the beat sometimes giving you the feel of Bone Thugs ‘N’ Harmony. At least they do to me. From Track 1 to Track 7, Erase Me is filled with jewels, knowledge, and authentic stories of how people who lived on a windy path found the road of the strait and narrow. It’s amazing how much I enjoyed this tape. Erase Me definitely has replay value and is so refreshing when we are in an era where all artist follow trends and do anything to go viral.

Songs like “Erase Me“, “Got It“, and “Renegade” will definitely grab a hiphop head’s attention, whether backpacker or goon. “You Know” and “2nd Chances” will definitely give you the same feeling you get in church. I wouldn’t be surprised if you did a holy ghost dance while listening to this project by Q-flo and Poetre’. They need a name if they plan on becoming a duo; which I’m highly in favor of. This definitely sparked my interest in Gospel Rap, and I have to ask the man where I can find “The Heart Pt. 1“. Go check out Q-flo and Poetre’ – Erase me EP and let me know what you think.


Mickey Factz: Y-3 review

You probably asking #Y I’m writing about Mickey Factz? My reply #Ynot!

Mause comes back to us with latest project, Y-3. The Bronx bomber begins this album/mixtape with a snippet of $4.14, which can be found of 740 Park Ave., and turns into 4:14 AM. I’ve always loved the fact that Factz never followed what the industry did; the industry followed what Mickey factz did, and is why I’m a big fan. Listening to Mickey, you almost feel as if you know the man and his story.

My pops woke me up and told me I’m the illest out, It’s crazy ’cause these is dreams I be spittin’ out, 4:14 in the morning pouring my spirit out, Last year those 3 numbers was in the kid account” -4:14am

Mickey takes on a journey with him being broke to financially able while expressing his pain from nonbelievers claiming their right to his success. Not too many artist can remain lyrically inclined while telling a story. Its truly a lost art in hip-hop nowadays. The gift of being able to write with empathy connects you to Y-3 from the jump. Songs like 4:14am andMause: An American Tale take you down memory lane with the Bronx emcee with out setting foot in NYC.

Mickey goes on Syzygy, lyrically exercising his prowess over the “Run” instrumental by Jadakiss and Ghostface Killah. If you love bars, metaphors, and wordplay? Then Pendulum is the song for you. Mause enlists the help of URL’s “KINGPEN” Chilla Jones and Emilio Rojas. Can’t forget how I was when I heard Hayworth with Elzhi and Cyhi The Prince. This song will make you respect Mickey Factz as a lyricist, wordsmith, and emcee. Trying to not get out-shined by those two is a task in itself, keeping up with them shows Mickey is known through the industry for being superb with the pen.

Every song, you hear Mickey Factz exhibit MC wizadry. Y-3 is too good to be considered a mixtape, its an album. Nothing short of a classic with lost of replay value. Songs like of Under God, 8 bit dreams, and Room 306 stand out on the mixtape. I keep wanting to say album because that’s what I consider it. If you love hip hop, do yourself and treat yourself to Y-3. Mark my word; you won’t be disappointed.

FUN FACT: This piece of work was authored in 2 days only! 2 DAYS!

Check out the visual for the single, Qasa, here.

GUNTITLES vs NWX (K-shine & DNA)

The most anticipated battle of the year happened on March 26, 2016. Check out NWX’s K-Shine and DNA versus Tsu Surf and Tay Roc. GUNTITLES!

For months we have heard about the Jersey-Baltimore allegiance. No one believed the styles would mesh. This battle had so much controversy but here it is for you to enjoy.

Loaded Lux drops visual to Fallen Angels off Beloved 2 LP

Who ready to get some work? Loaded lux releases his visual for “Fallen Angels” of Beloved 2 LP. If you don’t know why you should get the album, click here for the Beloved 2 Album review. Go get that Beloved 2 work off iTUNES and Google Play now.